Neurocognitiva, Clínica de Memoria

Neurocognitiva, Clínica de Memoria

In “Neurocognitive Memory Clinic,” we specialize in cognitive stimulation for individuals without cognitive impairment, those with mild or moderate cognitive impairment, or early-stage dementia.

What is cognitive stimulation? It involves the activation of various cognitive functions such as memory, attention, language, orientation, executive functions through the performance of practical and enjoyable exercises.

The Memory Clinic is staffed by specialists in Neuropsychology and Psychology, with extensive training and experience in psychostimulation for older adults.

What services do we offer? Treatments according to the degree of impairment

1. Preventive and age-associated memory loss: For individuals with memory complaints and no cognitive impairment, we offer memory training workshops where techniques to assist memory recall in its different phases are taught.

2. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI): Cognitive stimulation aimed at individuals experiencing a decline in cognitive abilities such as memory, language, executive functions, among others, without presenting dementia since the individual remains functional. However, there is a percentage of individuals with mild cognitive impairment who may develop dementia, highlighting the importance of cognitive stimulation.

3. Dementia: Cognitive stimulation for individuals suffering from various types of dementia such as Alzheimer’s, Vascular, Mixed, Lewy Bodies, Frontotemporal, Parkinson’s, and others. Through cognitive stimulation, the progression of the disease is slowed, preventing an increase in dependence in daily life activities.

Neuropsychological assessments: This is a protocol of tests that evaluate cognitive, emotional, and functional areas, which are essential for making a differential diagnosis of various pathologies and understanding preserved and non-preserved cognitive functions. A personalized cognitive stimulation plan is developed based on the evaluation’s results and the individual’s diagnosis.

Prevention is a significant protective factor! Early diagnosis makes a difference.

Address: La Guaria Neighborhood, Moravia


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