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Phone Number

Discover Our New Phone Hotline Service

This new MediSmart benefit is available to our members and is designed provide guidance in the event of any problem or questions related to patient health, via real-time help from a general practitioner.

Note: Our medical hotline is not meant for cases of vital emergency. If you or a beneficiary experiences a medical emergency, please visit your nearest medical center immediately.

Always Available

Please call us at 2528-5400, from anywhere in the country. This service is available:

  • Monday to Friday 7am / 10pm
  • Saturday, Sunday 10am / 6pm

Professional Advice

Our Medical Hotline will be answered by a general practitioner, who will provide basic medical guidance. Guidance cannot be considered an official medical consultation and, therefore, cannot include diagnoses or medical prescriptions.


Our doctors will answer your questions and complete a prior evaluation, based on information provided by the patient, and will then recommend a course of action.

What’s the Cost?

This service is included for free, as part of your MediSmart medical plan.

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