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    *The prices shown include “IVA”. Also, remember if you pay your medical appointment with a credit or debit card, the “IVA” will be refunded.

    We consider Pets
    part of the Family!

    Benefits of Your Pet’s MediSmart Plan
    Because your furry friends are an important part of your family, for just $2.26 per month you can add them as a beneficiary and enjoy benefits in veterinary medical consultations, grooming, and much more.


    • Veterinarian Appointment


    • Pet Exams
    • Veterinary Surgery


    • Pet Vaccines
    • Pet Accessories
    • Veterinary Medicine
    • Grooming
    • Keratin and Hydration for Pets

    Do you have a Medismart Plan? Add your pet!


    Starting at $2.26

    Add your pets as beneficiaries of your MediSmart medical plan


    This service only applies to dogs and cats.


    The cost is $2.26 per month, per pet.


    The cost of each pet’s card is $3.39 (one-time fee).


    Unlimited appointments


    Activation within 24 hours


    To cancel the plan, we require two months’ prior notice (you must wait 12 months before being eligible to re-join).


    To add your pet as a beneficiary, you must already be a member of MediSmart.

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      Not yet a MediSmart? Join us today!

      • Monthly plan
      • Semester plan
      • Annual plan

      Not yet a MediSmart? Join us today!

      • Monthly plan
      • Semester plan
      • Annual plan

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      No restrictions on age, pregnancy or illness.

      Great discounts in our Virtual Pharmacy

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      More than 1000 medical services

      More than 1000 specialists throughout the country