Hacienda la Chimba

Un lugar mágico

Hacienda la Chimba


Coffee Experience:

It’s a journey through the history of our golden bean, from planting the seed to savoring a delicious cup of Mi Momento coffee.


A 5 or 9 km route filled with adventure where you walk through the coffee fields of the estate. You can observe birds, butterflies, and, of course, the 7 monuments we offer: Buddha, morpho butterfly, Costa Rican letters, the frame of the 7 pitchers, heart frame, mantra hand, and the word “love.” Age allowed from 7 to 65 years.


A treetop adventure filled with adrenaline, featuring 8 cables, 13 platforms, 4 short trails, and 2 suspension bridges. Age allowed from 3 years and up.

High Ropes:

Eleven suspension bridges with varying levels of difficulty, located at a height of over 10 meters, perfect for team competitions. Height requirement starts from 1.30 meters.


  • Discounts:
    10% discount for MediSmart affiliates on any of the 4 tours with prior reservation.

    * Not applicable in combination with other promotions.

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