Feet Care is more than a pedicure clinic; It is a refuge for comprehensive care of the feet, specialized in providing effective solutions to various foot problems, we opened our doors with the firm commitment to offering health and aesthetic services for the feet, improving the quality of life of our clients.
At Feet Care, we specialize in a variety of services designed to address issues and improve overall foot health, this includes treatments for toe fungus.
nails, ingrown toenails, matricectomy, as well as pedicure and clinical manicure, we are also experts in the delicate care of the diabetic foot, providing personalized and safe care.
Our approach encompasses both the prevention and treatment of foot problems, not only We work to resolve existing conditions, but we also educate our clients about preventative care practices to ensure the continued health of your feet. We have a team of highly trained professionals committed to the well-being of our customers.

Ubicación: San José, Curridabat, del Cementerio de Curridabat, 100m este.


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