Dra. Tatiana Fallas M


Dra. Tatiana Fallas M

I love my job as a health coach. I’m always looking to learn new tools to help people live better. I dedicate myself fully to each client, and I celebrate their achievements and progress as if they were my own. I have complete faith in the possibility of a balanced life filled with well-being and happiness.

What is a Health Coach?

It’s like having a friend who tells you what you need to do to be healthier and happier. A health coach is someone who knows you well, understands your likes and dislikes, and helps you change your habits gradually. It’s like having a personal trainer, but instead of making you sweat in the gym, they make you laugh in the kitchen or enjoy organizing your finances. They’re not just a health advisor; they’re also an accomplice in your adventures.

We empower our clients to improve their health by providing a safe space to explore all aspects of their well-being. We implement the primary food method and other fundamental concepts to gain a deeper understanding of health. Taking an integrated and holistic approach, we look beyond just nutrition and consider other areas of life that need nourishment, such as career, physical activity, and relationships.

We also offer Health Coaching services for athletes.

Location: San Jose, Curridabat, Granadilla, Barrio Freses, 800 meters south and 300 meters east from the main entrance of the Fidelitas University.

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