Casa Medica del Pie y la Uña PyU

Casa Medica del Pie y la Uña PyU

Casa Medica del Pie y La Uñas is a medical center specializing in podiatry and chiropody, where we address various issues related to the feet and nails. In both preventive and treatment aspects, we offer personalized treatments tailored to each type of patient. Our services include prophylactic, clinical, and medicated pedicures. We also focus on providing comfortable footwear solutions for individuals dealing with conditions such as diabetic foot, swollen feet, claw toes, and heel spurs.

Our specialized area deals with issues like ingrown toenails, nail fungus, athlete’s foot, calluses, and other related problems.

San José: Costado norte del Liceo de Costa Rica, plaza Víquez, sobre avenida 18.

Heredia: Del Walmart San Francisco de Heredia 300 oeste, frente a los semáforos de la salida de Mall Oxígeno, costado norte, Centro Comercial El Cruce, 2 planta.


  • 40% off nail and foot treatments.
  • 10% off footwear.
  • Package for Clinical Pedicure on healthy feet at ₡ 13,500 colones plus a free assessment.
  • Laser Package to treat Onychomycosis (fungal nails) at ₡ 80,000, multiple sessions:
    • 5 Laser Treatment Sessions.
    • 5 Onychotomy Sessions.
    • 1 Podiatric Medical Consultation.

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