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OncoSmart offers comprehensive care for cancer survivors; patients who have had a prior cancer diagnosis will be given an individualized care plan, based on the type of cancer and treatment received.


Clinical care related to medical, psychological, and/or socio-economic problems, resulting from a cancer diagnosis. Detection and management of the resulting effects of cancer and its treatment.


Monitoring and observation of the spread and/or recurrence of a primary cancer, the onset of a second cancer, and the resulting psychological and physical effects. Monitoring includes physical exams, blood tests, and diagnostic procedures that may help determine if the cancer has returned.


Coordination of care  among primary care providers, oncology specialists, and/or other specialists, to ensure that the patient’s health needs are covered.


Patient education regarding planning of on-going care, including a medical report summary, as well as education on the risk factors of cancer recurrence, important aspects of nutrition, rehabilitation and physical therapy plans, mental health, and sexuality, among other topics.

The initial Oncological evaluation includes:


 Review of the patient’s file in detail and clinical history.


 Exhaustive examination of the patient (Physical).


 Image review, result of pathologies and laboratories.



 Establish monitoring plan.

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OncoSmart Survivors Program

The following details the specifics of the initial consult for cancer survivors:

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Office visit with a doctor specialized in the care of cancer survivors.

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Clinical summary of the patient’s medical family history, with an emphasis on the patient’s oncological history. Summary of the cancer diagnosis, stage, and treatments received. Review of pathology and an oncologist’s opinion, as the case requires. Determination of the survivor’s functional and physical capacity.

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Development of a comprehensive and multidisciplinary medical plan, specific to each survivor depending on age, gender, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatments received.

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  •  Determining the risk of recurrence, as well as necessary monitoring.
  •  Screening tests and early detection of new cancers.
  •  Genetic risk.
  •  Chronic pain.
  •  Sleep disorders.
  •  Fertility problems.
  •  Sexual dysfunction.
  •  Nutrition.
  •  Psychiatric Disorders.
  •  Vaccination and risk of chronic immunosuppression.
  •  Physical therapy.
  •  Risk of heart disease and cardiovascular disease, as a result of cancer.
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Physical exam for men and women.

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No restrictions for age, pregnancy or illness

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More than 500 specialists throughout the country