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The experience of interacting with exotic animals and enjoying the adventure and nature that Liberia, Guanacaste, offers, is only possible at Ponderosa Adventure Park.

This park, born 10 years ago as a park with animals in controlled freedom, has expanded, and in its 70 hectares, it is home to 297 animals, including both exotic and traditional species from our country.

In addition to enjoying the well-known Safari, where visitors can get up close with the animals, feed them, and even take selfies with giraffes, zebras, watusis, wildebeests, dromedaries, ostriches, oryx, nilgai, among others, they can also experience four more attractions that will awaken that adventurous spirit.


Kayak and La Perla Waterfall
Horseback Riding
20% discount on tours throughout the year.

For reservations or more information, you can visit or call 2288-1000.

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