Eliminación de piojos y liendres para cabecitas más sanas.

Piojito Bye Bye

The elimination of lice and nits has become very difficult, given that traditional solutions such as lotions and home remedies are no longer effective. This is due to the fact that this parasite has genetically evolved to develop a very high level of tolerance to these products.

We use a revolutionary system that is absolutely PAIN-FREE and without toxic products, effectively killing lice and nits in a single session.

The exclusive AirAllè device in our clinics puts an end to the problem quickly and efficiently. The ordeal of spending hours and hours fighting these undesirable ‘bugs’ is over. Now there’s a professional way to get rid of them, and what’s more, it’s enjoyable, because while undergoing treatment, children or adults can comfortably watch a movie… We also offer treatments for you to do at home, as well as preventive products to reduce the chances of a new infestation.

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